If you believe the top 1% of citizens should be paying for everything, we are not going to agree. I run a campaign of equality, not a 'tax the rich' to pay for the trillion dollar bills being proposed.

If you are yelling, "we need this infrastructure fixed" then in the next breath say "make the rich pay for it", you are not for equality.

My plan eliminates the need for the majority of the IRS and the endless tax laws. This plan eliminates a need to file taxes for over 50% of all Americans. That also means that there will be no need to expect refunds for that 50%. This plan also lifts citizens out of poverty - how? If you're a single filer making under $125,000.00 a year, there is no Federal payroll tax, if you're a joint filer making under $300,000.00, same deal. Citizens who meet the guidelines and do not need to file taxes will file a simple affidavit that they have met the income guidelines. 

My plan also makes ALL corporations pay taxes on their gross and not their net, just like American citizens do.
Facebook generated $86 Billion in gross revenues in 2020, Amazon $232 Billion. According to Forbes, the top 60 companies paid no taxes, Amazon received a $129 million dollar rebate last year with an effective tax rate of minus 1%.

What percentage should they be paying on their Gross??? I am not sure yet, these companies do pay millions in taxes that go directly into the tax system through matching payroll taxes, local taxes and more so it's a bit deceiving to say they pay no taxes at all. We do not want to kill businesses, but they shouldn't be receiving $129 million in tax rebates either when they boasted billions in profits.

For small business, under 50 employees and the self employed,  you are not being left out. I am currently looking over input as to how to proceed. This looks to include no matching Federal level taxes, the ability to OPT OUT of the SSA system and get a dollar for dollar Tax deduction for retirement accounts. I would like to Tax small and self employed businesses much like an individual taxpayer with built in incentives to own your own business and not punish you through high self employment taxes etc..

Taxes on capital gains, retirements, death taxes and more should be eliminated.  Taxes on Social Security will need to go as well.

To end this, I believe taxation is theft of earned wages, but we know taxes will never end.  We must compromise with each other to reduce the tax burden while still funding some of the Government and programs needed for society and protections of our home soil. 

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  • Neil Singleton
    published this page 2021-05-06 13:34:48 -0400