Education Cost

Higher Education and Loans

Today there is a call to cancel student loan debt up-to $50,000.00, I am not on board with that, but I am wanting change.

An outline:

  1. Set all FEDERAL loans at 0%
  2. Retroactively set all loans to 0% from inception of the loan.
  3. Configure all interest paid or accrued from inception and apply to balance.
  4. Put all loans on 30-year repayment plan.
  5. CAP the max monthly payment at 5% of NET income for incomes under $180,000.00 a year and 10% over that.
  6. For those who have repaid all their student loans, you will get a tax credit in the amount of interest paid on those loans and you must use it within five years. This may be spread out over the five-year period.
  7. Stop and remove ALL Federal student loan from ALL credit agency reporting.
  8. If you become disabled and receive SSDI, your loans are forgiven if it is permanent.
  9. If you are a Veteran and became 100% P&T or TDIU P&T, your loans are forgiven.
  10. If you reach the age or start receiving your own SSA benefit, your loans are forgiven.

Since the FEDERAL government got involved in the student loan scam, the cost of education has risen 3,009%, outpacing inflation and income increase combined.

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  • Neil Singleton
    published this page 2021-07-09 16:48:36 -0400