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Meet Neil


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Neil is married to Jill, and they have a daughter that lives at home, two adult children and a grandson. Jill is a teacher in Toombs County at the Toombs County High School. She recently moved to Toombs from Tattnall and will be the new Food Science teacher there. Neil was born and raised in a small town in Kentucky where he worked the farm that his grandparents owned. It was common to be cutting tobacco, baling hay, and working in the slaughterhouse. Neil's father died in a tragic car crash  in 1976 and was raised by a single mom of three. At the age of 17 Neil joined the Army where he ended up at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA. Later in life Neil found his way to Denver, CO where he became a Deputy Sheriff. In 2010 Neil found his way back to South GA where he met Jill and they have been married for 10 years and live a quiet life in rural Collins, GA. Neil holds a BS in Criminal Justice and is currently disabled after a semi crash with serious neck and nerve injuries and multiple surgeries.


As a Right of Center Independent Candidate, I fight for everyone, not just one political faction. I am the only candidate not taking donations from lobbyist, PACS, large corporations, law firms, insurance and more.  I want to be funded by the citizens because that who the bosses are. What is an Independent Republican? It means I have conservative values but believe we are all equal and I know that we need to work as ONE Congress to better America as a whole. Working together is the only way to move us forward.


I want to protect life, protect your Constitutional rights, and stop the infringements of those rights and your personal privacy. More government and more laws are not the answer, and it seems the left and the right wants just that. Government has no reason to be concerned with what happens on your property and inside your home, if you are not harming another person or property of others then I have no reason to believe that anything you are doing is going to harm others.


I believe we need to stop being the world police force, Donald Trump did this right, and he pulled the reins in and stopped troop deployments to police the world. President Trump removed funding from world organizations that the US taxpayers were footing the bill for more than any other country. The America first slogan was not just a slogan to President Trump it was a way of life and that is exactly what EVERY elected person should be doing, putting the citizens first.


I encourage everyone to ask me a question openly or please email me using the contact me area. I answer all questions personally, there will never be something not answered by me so that no blame may be placed on any admin of my pages and sites.


Please visit my issues tabs to see stances on the major issues today.


I hope to earn your vote in 2022!!



Friends of Neil Singleton for Congress
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