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States such as Georgia will be looking at the future of school choice in the 2022 legislation session and so far, I do not like what I see. I do not like some of the floated ideas that groups can form nonprofits specifically for this and then buy slots at schools. These slots may be saved for recruitment purposes for athletes and advanced academic students which will block students that want to attend the school.

The new proposals ‘may’ also allow a school to reject any applicant to attend and give no reason as to why. I believe this may segregate our school systems even further and cause further division within our education system. We must approach these new regulations with great caution to not allow further division within our struggling education system.

I fully support the education tax dollars following a student AND these equal tax dollars going to parents that decide to homeschool and have these funds disbursed monthly with a declaration that home school has continued and not in a public placement. Below I will use numbers for Georgia and explain what I would like to see..

Georgia spends an average of $12,157.00 a school year per student.

What I would support, if a parent elects, they can receive this money directly in a monthly stipend to home school, use for private school tuition and more. What I believe would happen is that you would see more local education options available. I can imagine a scenario where a few certified teachers open a small education center teaching K-12 and limit the class sizes and the parents able to use their stipend directly to pay these new options. This would do a few things, shrink class sizes, give more ability for one-on-one instruction, create a more relaxed environment, and most likely increase teacher pay across the board.

The above will not hurt public education, as class size will shrink, the teacher to student ratio will shrink and teachers will still be employed.

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