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My plan is for freedom, returning power to the states and their citizens. Shrink the ever growing Federal government and end our involvement in forever wars.


My plan would eliminate the need for the vast majority of Americans to file a Federal tax return.It is estimated that over 70% of wage earners would not be taxed on the Federal level therefore removing the need to file a federal tax return.  (Read More)


Simply put... I support term limits of four terms for House Members and two terms in the Senate.  Not to exceed a total of 12 years .

So, a member of the House may not serve four terms there then two terms in the Senate, you can not exceed 12 years total.


Simple...  Shall not be infringed is a very simple concept and statement

I do not care what type of gun you have and I believe you have the same rights to have any weapons that the government has that may be used against its citizens. 


You are a priority and will have a dedicated liaisons in my office. This means that you will have LOCAL liaisons that are familiar with all the issues andare there to help you.

Please see the expanded description for my full plan.

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I want you to have the ability to OPT-OUT of the SSI program.


see the expanded description

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Build the wall, revamp our entire immigration system from the top down.

We can not close off this great country to everyone, we need immigrants, they need our freedoms. 


See the expanded description 

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Since the FEDERAL government got involved in the student loan scam, the cost of education has risen 3,009%, outpacing inflation and individual income increase combined.


please see the expanded description 

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School Choice:

I support school choice for every K-12 student in America if it is ‘true choice’.

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