Healthcare is probably one of the biggest topics of today and I honestly believe that there is no good answer without upsetting one side or the other. 


Healthcare should be a priority for every elected person as it should be for the citizens of each state. The question arises; how do we pay for it? How do we treat each citizen equal? How do we control cost? How do we ensure that timely services are received? 


I do not buy into the saying that healthcare is a right because I believe in the constitution and it is just not there.  I do believe that the elected should do what we can to make sure citizens have that chance to pursue happiness and that includes health.  


I will admit that I am at a crossroads with healthcare because of the reality that the cost is astronomical and we can not force doctors to accept low pay, they also deserve to be compensated for their education and their needed skills.


Can we start funding by stopping the sending of billions to other countries, YES.... I do support that notion as a start. 

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  • Neil Singleton
    published this page 2021-05-11 10:26:55 -0400