Big Tech Censorship

Big Tech Censorship on all levels and a way to fight it that they can get onboard with or lose BILLIONS.


This is a new approach without it involving the Constitution. Big Tech is not government, if they feel they want to censor, ban, restrict and more than they have that freedom to do so because we allowed it and we have since 1933.


Facebook is by far the largest social media platform at an active daily count of 1.56 BILLION users a day compared to Twitters 192 million. Facebook was first offered at $38.00 per share, though it fell to below $18.00 a share it is now worth $341.00 a share as of this moment and FB is worth just shy of $1 TRILLION dollars. Mark Zuckerberg alone, based just on stock is worth $54 BILLION.


Nancy Pelosi and her husband bought 5,000 shares of Facebook, 3,000 of which had a strike price of $140 and the rest had a strike price of $150. Facebook traded around 37% above the lower strike price the day they exercised the calls. Prior to the purchase, Pelosi already held between $500,000 and $1 million in Facebook stock. These were bought in February 2020. A strike price is a lower amount due to option pricing. I am using Pelosi as an example, there are plenty of congress members on both sides of the aisle who done this same thing.


To get the guts of my plan. First, no Congress member should be buying and selling publicly held stock at any time. Their immediate family to include significant others, children and more should be barred from trading publicly held stock while they sit in Congress.


My amazingly simple plan, ALL publicly traded companies shall fall under the United States Constitution regarding the Bill of Rights and specifically the First Amendment. If you want the PRIVILEGES of being listed on a national stock exchange where you gather BILLIONS in wealth based on the buying power of ANY American Citizen, then you WILL allow all Free Speech. Speech such as viable violent threats to a life, the use of well recognized racist terms etc. The public can agree those are not protected and there are consequences for such actions.


If you cannot agree to the above, then do not list publicly, it is that simple. You do not have a right to be listed as a publicly traded company. There will not be a work around, you cannot list in the EU or any other country and be considered a publicly traded company under this new law.


This is a radical new plan, but this is the only plan that does a few things. This plan still allows these brilliant minds to keep wanting to invent and go public to be wealthy and live the American dream and it forces them to follow our inherent rights and wants as Americans to be free to voice a public opinion without fear of upsetting the other beliefs.

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